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Health and safety


"Every employee at Anglo American has the right to go home safely at the end of every day. It is our role to make that right a reality." Mark Cutifani, CE

The safety of the people who work for us will always be our main priority. We strive to achieve our goal of Zero Harm by managing our activities in a way that eliminates incidents, minimises risk and promotes excellence in the performance of our operations. We do this by creating safe and healthy workplaces. Not only is this the right thing to do, but a safe and healthy workforce means better business in all respects.

We know that managing and mitigating safety risks can be challenging. This is particularly so in operations that are labour-intensive, or where we work at depth, and where physical labour and heavy equipment is involved.

While we have made significant progress in improving our safety performance in recent years, we are not there yet. We will continue to drive Zero Harm through awareness and education, by implementing appropriate systems and best practice, and by working in partnership with employees, regulators and other stakeholders. Voluntary initiatives, such as the tripartite alliance between industry, labour unions and government are testament to this approach. During 2015 the initiative sought to broaden its focus on safety and health to incorporate social and environmental issues.

The safety, health and well-being of our employees remain a top priority and a core value for Anglo American. We remain focused on ensuring that a safe and healthy workplace is at the top of our agenda.

Download our Sustainability Report 2016.


"Businesses must focus their efforts on the areas where we will have the most impact, if we are to ensure that we are true partners in the future for our host countries. The health of our employees is one of those areas." Dr Stefaan Van der Borght, head of health at Anglo American

We care about employee health and well-being, at work and at home.

At work, we identify potential health hazards and aim to either remove these or eliminate or control employees’ exposure to the hazards. We believe that all occupational illnesses are preventable, and that by monitoring potential exposure, and conducting surveillance of the incidence of occupational disease, we can prevent further harm. We apply common, simple and non-negotiable standards across the business.

We have a variety of employee well-being programmes that support the overall health of our employees & their families such as our HIV/AIDS programme.

We ensure that our employees, their families and dependents, have access to good quality healthcare. We also work with local authorities and government and other partners to strengthen community health systems, particularly in under-serviced rural areas.

Our health strategy is clearly illustrated and outlined in our latest Sustainability Report.

Read more about our involvement in the fight against AIDS here on our website or download our brochure.

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