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Our Difference

“Today, businesses that operate sustainably are likely to prosper. For Anglo American, this means meeting our commitments to stakeholders and seeking to operate to the highest possible standards of safety, health, environmental and community development practices.” Mark Cutifani, CE


Mining is at the centre of South Africa’s economic and social landscape and is critical to this country’s future success. That is why we aim to work with a wide range of stakeholders to help create sustainable long-term value in the mining industry. This begins with our investment in our own people and expands into how we invest sustainably in the communities around us. We have a track record of operating responsibly, and that is exactly how we plan to continue.

Our business is consistently identified as a significant contributor to the country’s social and economic transformation. Our contribution is a profound one, addressing key national priorities such as small business growth, job creation and supporting domestic investment in the economy by developing and supporting entrepreneurs.

We seek to deliver sustainable benefits and to improve lives through a creative range of partnerships and initiatives. The resource-constrained business climate and growing expectations of communities have emphasised the need to find innovative ways to deliver greater social return with less funding. We are also aware that meaningful engagement with our stakeholders continues to be a core priority.

Mining companies and mining communities must work together to help create success. Only by working together can we change the way people think about resource development and how it makes a valuable difference to the everyday lives of people in communities.

To discover the difference we make locally and globally, download our latest Sustainability Report, Transformation Report or information on how we create value together.

Real Mining. Real People. Real Difference.